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10 methods to get backlinks for your website

Creating more and more backlinks is every webmaster dream because it is very important factor in SEO for ranking well in Google. If you are new to SEO, this may be completely new and daunting task but fear now, SEO is simple if you practice it and understand the rules. Google always give priority to such websites which have tons of backlinks. In order to drive visitors to a website, you need lots of backlinks and this is inevitable fact.

People who are new to online business and marketing plan usually end up spending thousands of dollars to professionals for doing SEO. But the main thing is, if you are up to it doing by yourself, you save thousands of dollars. Start learning SEO and it is about time that you do it by yourself.

Today we are going to learn basic SEO strategy and learn few effective tactics in order to create backlinks and drive more and more traffic to your website. So let’s get started with 10 basic link building methods.

Top 10 Free Link Building Methods

1.      Create a Blog: Google loves blog because it updates more often and easily crawled by search engines. There are many platforms for blogging but most popular platforms are Blogger and WordPress which are free to use.

2.      Commenting:  Blogs have many special feature, and one of them is that you can actually comment on the blog post. Most blogs allow you to do that and you should take advantage of this by posting your comments and putting your website or blog link.

3.      Social Media sites: Websites like YouTube, Flickr, Squidoo are types of social media sites where you can put links in your profile.

4.      Social Bookmarking websites: This is yet another powerful and useful source of creating backlinks. Websites like Digg, Stumbleupon and thousands of sites like these two allow you to put backlinks.

5.      Social Networking websites:  Websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are world’s top social networking sites where there are millions of members who access these sites everyday. Another exclusive site for backlinks.

6.      Web Directories: You can submit your website to many web directories for free.

7.      Forums: You can get backlinks by putting links in your signature section for free but make sure you abide by the rules in the forum.

8.      Article Directories: There are lots of article directories that you can put an article and a website link for free. EzineArticle is the top article directories where you can join for free and post articles with links.

9.      Link exchange: You can personally ask for links to other webmasters. Don’t be afraid to write an email and ask for link.

10.  Earning a backlink: It is all about quality website which you need to keep up with regular updates with quality article. Other webmasters love to link back if they find your website useful. If you see something useful, do not hesitate to link back to the source.

These are basically 10 simple strategies that you can to achieve ranking. In order to create more backlinks you need to work on them regularly and you must abide by the rules of websites that you are registering. Slowly your website will grow with time. Search engines will find your website and will place in top ranking for your targeted keywords. All you have to do is create more and more backlinks and have patience.

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