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Some Important SEO Tips

IF you are not familiar with search engine optimization that can increase traffic of your site then you need not to worry much as this article will help you to get familiar with some SEO tips. Here some SEO tips are shown below-

  1. In HTML title tag add keywords.
  2. You need to be sure that you have made a good linking structure. A good strategy will have one link for every 130 words. This tip can give you under 30% bounce rate.
  3. You need to insert keywords in HTML body copy. Yes, I know keyword density is not a very important factor these days but you should keep the keywords around 1 to 3 percent in your articles.
  4. You need to buy quality web hosting. Sometimes this is overlooked but it plays a very important role when you have two and more website you are hosting.
  5. You need get rid of various plug-ins and other things that can hamper your loading speed. You need to have a fast website if you don’t know your loading speed of your website they you should go to Google Analytics to measure the loading speed.
  6. You need to attach keywords in header tags.
  7. You should use good quality web site links. It may seem counterproductive to send your visitors to some sites that are better than you. But in real situation it makes credibility for your site.
  8. You need to add keyword image names and alts.


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