10 Most Common WordPress Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Blogs are exciting in a sense that you can interact with other people. You publish a post and you get information from other people based on their comments. Sometimes, it could be fun, but there are comments that hurt. Nevertheless, you learn from these comments and become a better blogger.

The only problem is that if you have the wrong commenting policy, it could spell potential danger to your blog. There are people who can hack into the system by simply leaving a comment on your blog page.

It is important that random people are not allowed to just leave comments whenever they want. You have to make sure that these comments are approved first so you will know if they are potential hackers. There are others who use automated commenting software. You can easily decline them if you think they are not related to your blog post.

Any blog is vulnerable to attack. There are many reasons why blogs are taken down. Sometimes, other bloggers are envious so they tend to hack popular blogs so there is less competition. There are also those who know that some blogs are money making machines so they want to hack into the system and get a lot of money.

Anything can happen when writing a blog and you can be the next victim. Protect yourself and avoid the most common security threats as shown on the infographic below. You have worked hard for the blog so don’t let anyone sabotage you.

wordpress security attack

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