Recurring Affiliate Marketing Program in Malaysia

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Up-to 20% Recurring Cash Commission

Gogetspace Malaysia Affiliate program offers you to earn up to 20% Monthly Recurring Commissions on referral. All you have to do is Sign up with our affiliate program and use affiliate marketing advertising materials on your traffic network. On each sale, you will start earning a monthly recurring commission.



Signup as an affiliate in our affiliate marketing Malaysia program


Get advertising materials from your affiliate account


Post/Share the materials on your traffic networks (Websites, blogs, Emails, Videos or anything)


Your traffic finds us and purchase any service


You get your Recurring Commission

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Commission Plans

Services Level One Level Two Level Three
Hosting and Servers

10% Commissions

for 1 to 5 sales

15% Commissions

for 6 to 10 sales

20% Commissions

for 11 or more sales
Digital Marketing
Web Design

How Recurring Affiliate Marketing Program Works?

We are offering you recurring commissions on affiliate Malaysia program as long your referral is using any of our recurring web services. For say your referred traffic has purchased a web hosting package on monthly recurring, From now on you will keep receiving 10% cash of that sales recurring for the rest of that client’s service time with us.

Now imagine 100+ referrals conversion!

However, when the client stops using that service your referral commissions will be stopped for that particular service only. Hence, we recommend you to be keep connected to your traffics and encourage them to visit more.

* When your referral pays semiannually/ yearly, you will make recurring affiliate income accordingly.
* All Licence are excluded.

Recurring affiliate commission
High Affiliate commission

How do the Affiliate Program Commission Levels work?

Our Malaysia affiliate program  commission levels are highly encouraging as we value the quantity and efforts of your marketing. With your first referral sales, you are entitled to receive 10% cash immediately in your affiliate program. On the sixth number of your referral sales, you are promoted to receive 15% cash for all these six sales!

Sounds inspiring! isn’t it?

Now get 11th sales and your reward will be 20% for all sales. That indicates your affiliate program commission levels for the lower level sales will be promoted to the top grade along with the increasing rate of your sales quantity!

Why choose our Affiliate Marketing Program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoGetSpace affiliate program malaysia is an easy online money making platform where you can refer your traffics to our website via unique advertising materials. On conversion of each referral, you will earn a percentage of affiliate commission in recurring to the nature of the purchase.
Anyone who wants to earn money can be our affiliate. All you need is to sign up in our affiliate portal and start publishing our advertising materials on your websites, blogs, Emails, Videos or anything or share them among friends and family! Your commitment and actions are the requirements we need, nothing else!
On each month, within the first 10 days we payout for our affiliate program Malaysia. Payments are sent using the PayPal payment system. For larger affiliates with balances of over $5,000 per month, contact with us for other payment methods at
There are 3 levels of commissions (10 %, 15 %, 20 %) in affiliate program Malaysia. With your first referral sales, you will start earning 10% commissions cash of that sales. On 6th sales, you will be promoted to 15% for all 6 sales. On 11th, you will be rewarded to 20% commissions level for all 11 of them!
Recurring commissions means as long as your referral pays for the periods of service, you will earn continuous recurring affiliate commissions for the periods. This unique residual income of affiliate program Malaysia let you earn without you even knowing!
Sign Up is very simple, we don’t need any identification/documents from you. Just simply click on “Sign Up” and fill up the requirements. It’s easy as creating an email address!

Terms & Conditions

– Affiliate commission will be updated after 30 days of referral payment.
– For any refund from referral, payout commission for that referral will be removed.
– Minimum payout commission = $50.
– GoGetSpace Reserved the right to amend terms and conditions and commissions structure anytime without any prior notice.

More details on Terms & Conditions page


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