Feature Your Webpages

Isn’t it going to be boring just to see all the bare written content on your web pages no matter how well written they are? Even the Mighty Encyclopedia has visuals!

Pictures enable any texts to visualize practically and influence to go more. Your website interiors need smart and influencing Web Photographs to drive the client.

Highlight your Products

We buy mostly what we get to see. If your business is e-commerce there’s no need to say why the product photography should be on top of your To-do List.

A proper photographed product attracts both in need and window shopper. Proper angle, lights and capture showcase your product in real and influence to buy more!

Passionate, Creative & Affordable

If you are looking to enhance your corporate brand in online, you must present in such a way to make a difference to the world.

To represent your business activity on web our corporate photography solution is here. We can cover all the events, happenings and right moment on frame to make you remarkable to world.

Product Photography

We take photographs for online store, Amazon and more.

Our Web Photographers are expert in White background product photography for your online store, amazon marketplace and more. You just have to ship your products to our studio in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia where we will shoot and edit the products and ship them back to you on completion.

We have spend times and paid a fortune to perfect the product photography procedure. We have built years of relationship and took thousands of products photographs of clients around the world for years. Our aim is to provide the best photographs of an entity to describe it top.

If you are still wondering how to work with a remote photo studio please take a look at our easy steps.

Place your order online

Sign up our below form, let us know what and how many products, time specified if you have, Our experts will be in touch soon!

Mail us match example

You can mail us any sample of how you want it to be; don’t need to be the same product, just the angle and theme of photography. It’s good to see some sample for mutual understanding.

Send your products to us

You can ship your movable products to our studio or we can pick it from your place. Pick option can available for Selangor state only for now. For large scale of product brief us. We will analyze and send our setup if feasible.

We shoot and edit

Once the products are received, we will start counting for order time frame, our experts will shoot and edit the photographs as structured.

Review and approval

During the photo-shoot we will mail you samples. You will review and approve. The majority portion of photo-shoot will place right after once you approve the samples only. This is very important. Retake after approval isn’t cost efficient for both of us.

Return your products

Once the photo-shoot is complete we will delivery your products on your signup address. An invoice of shipping will be added to the total bill. Before the delivery we will take your consent, don’t worry!

Corporate Photography

We frame your corporate moments in lifetime memories.

Corporate Branding

We provide corporate branding photography to build a clients brand image through high quality visualization only. Corporate branding enables your brands to connect with people to give them a sense of idea of your products and services as well as your team and corporate culture. A Proper Managed brand image can drive more clients as people make quick decision on what company they should do business with for their products and services now a days. Our Corporate Branding photographers can help your brand stand out among the competition by capturing photos that will enhance your brand reputation for long period. Brand image includes your office & style, your work cultures, events branding and more. We will do our best to enhance your theme in the very best light.
corporate branding
Event photography

Events & Meetings

You have an event/meeting of your lifetime and you want it to be framed on your web. We can do it for you. Corporate events and meetings are mostly related with newsletter, announcements and promotional achieves. Our Event photographers will take special care of these events by storing every moment on their lenses and we can put them where you want them to be. Your visitor will have the clear vision on recent activities whenever they will visit your page.

Headshots & Portraits

You want to market your product? First you have to market yourself in corporate. Having a corporate Headshot can be challenging, as it requires confidence with first impression. Even you pull all required things, a worst headshot can undermine your impression within a wink!

To reduce the weight of your shoulder for a single photograph, hire our portrait & head short expert photographers today. We will make you stand out from the crowd and make your unique and professional image in a single business headshot.

Industry Specific Photography

We offer industry specific professional high quality photographs to make you clearly visible and understandable to your clients

– Advertising
– Travel management
– Digital marketing
– E-commerce
– Healthcare
– Hotels
– Industrial
– Law office
– Marketing Agencies
– Real Estate
– Restaurant
– Transportation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Photo Studio is located in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

High quality photograph needs patience and skills and we only quote for high quality. Hence, Few factors of our price quote,

  • Length of the shoot
  • Numbers of photographers involved
  • The number of editing and re-editing.

Once you fill-up the inquiry form our expert will be in touch with u soon. We will analyze your photo needs and forecast an expected Shoot & delivery date range of your order. This date range depends on the nature of the photograph and early payment. We serve only to whoever comes first.

Based on the current workload and constancy we prefer you to book the shoot date at least 3 days before the event. We try to do best for short time notice but at least 3 days prior booking can let us to be well equipped and do your project within the time frame guaranteed.
Currently, we prefer to move within West Malaysia only.
yes, we can happily provide you raw format of images. Although not suggested because it will be time consuming for you to convert them in readable formats such as jpeg. We can convert them with no charge, as everything we deliver on your hand is a fine and high quality image only.
Nope! We don’t cover wedding and personal events sadly.


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