Dedicated Server Malaysia

Go Get Space specializes in providing a high quality affordable dedicated server to our clients. We offer both single and multi-processor servers, which are housed in a tier 4 datacenter in Kuala Lumpur. Our Dedicated Servers are built to meet almost every business needs. We have a variety of configurable options including RAM, HDD, Operating system, Control panel, Firewall, Managed/Unmanaged, Dedicated IP, etc to tweak the server and fit your exact business needs.

If you don’t see an option that works for you, however, we are happy to build you a custom machine based on the specs you require. Our Dedicated web server support team proactively monitors your server with industry-leading server monitoring systems, and we are staffed 24/7 to serve your needs. If you ever experience any issues with your hosting, we can be reached via phone, email or live chat. We know you’ll love our dedicated web hosting service!

Dedicated Server Malaysia Packages

Powerful Resource for Large Enterprise


Single Dual Core Processor
$ 99
  • Intel Xeon L5630 Processor
  • 2 cores x 2.13GHz
  • 250GB HDD (RAID1)
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • Unlimited Traffic


Single Quad Core Processor
$ 149
  • Intel Xeon L5630 Processor
  • 4 cores x 2.13GHz
  • 250GB HDD (RAID1)
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • Unlimited Traffic
Best value


Dual Quad Core Processor
$ 199
  • Intel Xeon E5640 Processor
  • 8 cores x 2.66GHz
  • 16 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 500GB HDD (RAID1)
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • Unlimited Traffic


Dual Quad Core Processor
$ 249
  • Intel Xeon E5640 Processor
  • 8 cores x 2.66GHz
  • 24 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 1000GB HDD (RAID1)
  • 100 Mbps Port
  • Unlimited Traffic

Need a custom config server?

Dedicated Servers Are Perfect For

Dedicated Server in malaysia for busy website

Busy Websites

If you own a website that gets lots of traffic, you will need the hardware to keep it running smoothly. Our dedicated web server ensures fast load times and reliable service for your customers 24/7

Dedicated Server in Malaysia for Corporate business

Serving High Profile Customers

Many websites are set up to serve very picky customers who demand the best. Dedicated servers will ensure your site is up and ready to go for all your VIP clients

Dedicated Server in Malaysia for ecommerce website

Ecommerce Platforms

Your eCommerce platform needs to be up and available at all times to ensure your customers can get what they need. Even moments of downtime can cost you money, which is why our dedicated servers are an ideal solution

Dedicated Server in Malaysia for reseller hosting

Dedicated Server for Reseller Hosting

Looking to make some extra money by reselling hosting services? The power of a dedicated web server will allow you to serve hundreds of clients and make money for your business

All Our Dedicated Servers Comes With

What More We Offer in Dedicated Server Malaysia

Blended Bandwidth

We use a blend of 3 tier 1 providers

99.999% Uptime

Smart routing technology

Flexible Storage

HDD, SSD, RAID you decide

Choice of OS

Linux? Windows? BSD? We install what you want

24/7 Support

Contact us via Phone, Live Chat or email

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor each and every web server Hardware 24/7

Rebootless Upgrades

Zero downtime Kernel update

30 Days Guarantee

100% Money Back

Anti ddos Protection

We monitor the DDoS for you

Remote Reboot

Perform a "Hard Reboot" right from your client portal


Industry leading Cisco ASA firewall (Optional)

No Bandwidth Limit

All web server comes with unmetered bandwidth

Dedicated Server Configurable Options

Operating System Control panel HDD RAM Others
Cent OS
5.x (32bit and 64 bit)
6.x (32bit and 64 bit)
7.x (64 bit)

12.x, 13.x, 14.x (64bit)

12 (64bit)

6, 7, 8 (64bit)

Server 2008 Standard (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2008 Standard R2 (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2008 Enterprise (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2008 Enterprise R2 (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2008 Datacenter (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2012 Standard (32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2012 Standard R2(32bit and 64 bit)
Server 2012 Datacenter (32bit and 64 bit)
cPanel (linux only)
cPanel/WHM Unlimited Domains

InterworxCP (linux only)
InterworxCP One Domain (FREE!)
InterworxCP Unlimited Domains

Plesk (Windows)
Plesk Web Admin Edition
Plesk Web App Edition
Plesk Web Pro Edition
Plesk Web Host Edition

No Control panel
250GB SATA 7200rpm
500GB SATA 7200rpm
1TB SATA 7200rpm
2TB SATA 7200rpm

IPv4 Address
1 to 8 (Justification Required)

Cisco ASA series

100Mbps and 1Gbps

Server monitoring
Unmanaged, Managed, Fully Managed

RAID Configuration Level

Good Reasons to Choose Our Dedicated Server Malaysia

Fast 24 Hour Setup

We'll configure your custom dedicated server hosting and have it up and ready to go within 24 hours of your purchase

Tier 4 Datacenter

Your dedicated server will be housed in our tier4 data center, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. These data centers are regularly certified to ensure the highest quality

Total Server Control ***

You’ll have full root access to your dedicated web server. Make changes, reboot or power down anytime you want! *** Applicable to Unmanaged Servers Only

Best Price Guaranteed

We work hard to keep our prices low without compromising quality. We guarantee you'll get the top of the line dedicated server hosting at an unbeatable price

2 Year Price Guarantee

When you sign up for a new dedicated server hosting, the price will be locked in for two years. Keep these low prices no matter what

No Long Term Contracts

You’re not locked into a long-term contract. Pay month to month and cancel anytime you want

Exceptional Customer Service

You get more than just great hardware with our dedicated server Malaysia. You'll get the best customer service in the industry to support you with everything you need

We listen to your Feedback

Without you we are nothing, so your feedback is our first priority and we improvise accordingly

Over a Decade of Experience

We have been providing our clients with high-quality hosting and web server for over 10 years. Let us provide you with the best quality service in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated server is a full physical server that is explicitly configured for web related service. Your dedicated server can have the exact hardware, operating system and other features that you need to meet all your business needs.

Unlike shared hosting and VPS options, you don’t have to share the server with anyone else so you can be sure you are benefiting from all the system resources on your machine. This helps to ensure you won’t have any system slowness because of traffic going to another site. In addition, you’ll have much greater control over things like installing software, rebooting your server and more.

A dedicated web server is a physical server that is completely dedicated to one server. A VPS, which stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’ is one server that is configured to act like multiple servers. Each ‘virtual’ partition within the server is assigned to one customer.

Yes, we do have an SLA on our Managed Dedicated Servers.

As many as you want – there are no limits on the number of websites you can host on a dedicated server.

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