10 important facts of optimizing a blog

Search Engine Optimization needs to be consistent. The blog will start to rank organically for the targeted keywords in search engines after making few blog posts. These blog posts are very important because they contain keywords that you want to target.

Sometimes you may feel that you are not optimizing the blog post quite well because you may see that you are not ranking well. On that account, you need to check if your blog has been properly optimized or not.

1. Targeted Keywords:

The first step of search engine optimization process is looking and focusing on targeted keywords. Keywords are really important and under no circumstance you should undervalue them because they can either take your site to top ranking or they can bring all down to nothing. Therefore you are required to collect a set of keywords that you want to have good ranking on and then use them on your blog. However, you must target your primary keyword that you want to rank on top. The secret is to select specific keywords which ease up the competition and also make a better value to people searching for that targeted keywords. Therefore, if you own a blog, then you must use 1-3 keywords in your blog in order to rank well.

2. Tags

Tags are very important part of blogs. These keywords should be carefully selected because they are the ones that will help to get indexed every time you post new content and also rank that post. It is very simple step, but sometimes people just forget to put tags when they are in the rush to publish a new content. Therefore, your must put keywords as tags and after writing the post, publish it carefully.

3. Category

Categories are varieties of topics in a blog which have ranges of posts on those topics. Whenever you create new content, it is better to label them with keywords – not specifically as your keywords in each post but similar to it. For example,  when you post on the keyword, lets say ‘top iPhone games’, it would be better to put on the ‘iPhone Apps’ category.

4. Title Tags / Permalinks.

Title tags or Permalinks are created automatically whenever you publish a post. However, if the permalinks doesn’t contain at least one keyword, then that is not good. Blogging platforms like WordPress gives you this service to change the title tags manually so you can put your targeted keywords for better optimization.

5. Title and Heading Content.

Title and Heading Content are one of the most important SEO factors.  Everybody wants to put headlining or attention grabbing title but unless you don’t put keywords in the title, the blog will not do well in ranking. Make a good content and an appealing title but put keywords in the title and heading content in a proper proportion. This way you are not only targeting the visitors but also making some fundamental steps of SEO.

6. Image Alt Tags, Descriptions.

Images grab visitors’ attraction. They put not only extra spices on your blog but they also add good opportunities to use the targeted keywords for better SEO. If you are using WordPress, which is currently the best blogging platform, you should realize that there is a Medial Library Function which allows you to edit the tags and description for each image. Let say, if you have an image of a Blackberry that you want to upload, then you must put the same name in the Alt Tag. This is all important part of SEO.

7. Index Control.

Search Engine needs a direction and needs to be told which page is important and which is not. If you want only few pages to be indexed then you can do that by setting to ‘no index’ as well as ‘nofollow’. This saves your blog which may have less important pages like blogroll, contact form, and others from being indexed. Index control lets only the important part of your blog to get indexed by search engines.

8. Meta Descriptions.

Meta Descriptions are the information of your blog which have only of few sentences. WordPress blog has a good plugin that allows you to create SEO friendly Meta Description from the blog post.  If you want to do it manually, you can do that too by writing the description by yourself and putting at least one keyword in the Meta Description box. Although this may not of a big help for ranking but it has few benefits which should not be overlooked.

9. Meta Title.

One of the SEO factors that involves in SEO process is putting a good Meta Title containing at least one keyword. The title should also be attention grabbing but sometime, it may get well optimized without having to make change the Meta title.
10. Posts on the Homepage.

Blog is a collection of articles. Visitors love to see different blog posts on same homepage. This is quite important because visitors then can know how many posts are there and they can go through the recent ones quickly.

All of these steps are key factors for proper SEO.  Keep on practicing it one by one and then try out with other new things. The most important thing about SEO is that you need to workout and wait to see the results.

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