15 Lesser Known Plugins to Take Your WordPress Blog to the Next Level

A quick Google search will show you a list of “Top 10” and “Best Of” articles about WordPress plugins. But, you’ll see that most of those articles have made one big mistake: They all feature the same popular plugins that we already know about.

Surely, you must be familiar with those plugins by now. So, in this article, we wanted to share some of the unpopular, yet powerful, WordPress plugins that you can use to supercharge your new blog.

Have a look.

Table of Contents

Easy Fancybox


You may have noticed that whenever you click on an image on your blog posts, it redirects you to a blank webpage with just that image. This is bad for generating traffic and keeping your visitors from leaving your website.

Easy Fancybox solves that problem by providing a lightbox for your blog images. So, whenever someone clicks on an image it will appear on a lightbox, instead of a separate page.



Icegram is an email list building plugin that you can use to collect emails through popup windows, floating action bars, messengers, and so much more. This is probably the best free WordPress plugin you can get for building email lists.



Podcasting is a great way to build a loyal audience for your blog and build authority. This great free plugin makes your blogging life much easier by providing your with a set of tools, such as a player, subscribe options, and even support for iTunes to publish your podcasts on your blog.

Cookie Law


Google recently came up with a new law that forces websites to show a notice if they use Cookies to collect user information. If you’re using an email list building plugin it will probably be using cookies, so you will have to follow this rule as well.

Cookie Law plugin allows you to easily place a notice alongside your blog to make sure you don’t get penalized by Google.

Click To Tweet


This plugin will boost your Twitter shares by adding stylish boxes in your blog posts, allowing your readers to tweet quotes directly from your blog with just a single click.

Related Posts


Encourage your visitors to stay longer on your website by showing them a list of related posts. This plugin shows a list of related articles with thumbnails next to your blog posts, so your readers will keep reading more and more articles on your blog.

Post Ratings


WP-Post Ratings will come in handy if you have a lot of guest authors or like to feature trending content on your blog. The plugin adds a cool Star based rating system to your blog posts, so your readers can rate your posts based on your work.

Login Lockdown


Keep uninvited intruders away from your website with this awesome plugin, which locks out whoever tries to hack your WordPress site by limiting the number of login attempts.



Captcha will help you avoid email and comment spam by adding a “super security captcha” to your login and comment forms.

Ninja Forms


Contact Form 7 is the most popular for adding an email contact form for a WordPress blog. But, it welcomes email spam since it’s difficult to add a captcha to that plugin.

Ninja Forms is much more user-friendly and even allows you to create contact forms, subscription forms, and many other forms. It’s an all-in-one package.

Membership 2


Lock away your best content and only show them to your premium members. Membership 2 is a great plugin for building a paid content platform, such as for online courses and mentoring programs, on your blog.

Easy Digital Downloads


Planning on selling digital products through your blog? Then this plugin will certainly help. Easy Digital Downloads is similar to WooCommerce, but it’s beginner-friendly and easier to use.



Your blog needs to be backed up often to make sure that you have a recovery plan in case something goes wrong. This plugin allows you to backup your entire WordPress blog to your Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Rackspace to keep an extra copy always ready.

WordPress Landing Pages


If your blog offers downloads such as ebooks and email courses, building a beautiful landing page will help you to generate more leads. This is a great free plugin that you can use to create beautiful landing pages on WordPress and even run A/B split tests.



Last, but not least, an all-in-one security plugin that adds free enterprise-class protection to your website to keep all the hackers, malware, and aggressive crawlers, scrapers and bots away from your WordPress blog.


Know any other great WordPress plugins? Feel free to share them with us through the comments section.

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