3 Killer Tips To Improve Your Website Security?

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Securing your information resource for website security consists of three things:

  1. Program part (content management system and related scripts);
  2. The server-side (the right hosting settings);
  3. Ability to work as a network administrator and site hosting.

If you have all three names above points are organized at the appropriate level, then your website security is taken care from hackers and various viruses.

Security Software Part

For the software part is commonly referred CMS (content management system), the most common of these is DLE, WordPress and Bitrix, and the site can be created from different kinds of frameworks using javascript library. Most importantly, the software developers of these complexes are not allowed in the presence of these vulnerabilities ( “holes”), allowing the fraudster to get important information from the database, it basically passwords in the administrative part of the site.

Website security software

So I recommend you to turn your attention to information security of your website in the software part.

Security Hosting or Virtual Server

Another highlight will be the selection of web hosting where your site will be placed. Very pay heed to the hosting company as well as to the person who will administer your site. Because there were times when fired site administrators, and some time later hacked into the site.

Secure web hosting

Information Security Awareness on the Site Admins

All administrators should be required to undergo specialized training in information security.
I give you a list of what is required for the administrator:

  • Install an anti-virus on the computer from which the work is conducted with the site.
  • Regular change of passwords (once a month) on the ftp / ssh and the administrative part of the site.
  • Do not store passwords on your computer, it is desirable to get an electronic key.
  • To work via SFTP or SCP security protocol.
  • Always use Proxy Server while you work on anonymous sites.

Be Secure , take precautions and steps so your website security never gets compromised.

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