6 Critical WordPress Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Times

So, you’ve finally purchased a cool domain name, found a good web host and now all set to get started building your own WordPress blog. That’s great. You’re one step closer to creating your blog.

Although, keep in mind that installing WordPress on your server is merely beginning of your blogging career. You now have to constantly create quality content and manage your WordPress website like it’s your own baby.

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You can start by making sure that you avoid making these WordPress mistakes.

Table of Contents

Not Backing Up Your Site

Once you have your blog up and running, it’s important that you set up a solid backup system for your WordPress website.

The internet is filled with hackers, malware, and faulty servers. You’ll never know when something might go wrong and wipe out all the articles on your blog. So, keep a backup copy of your website ready for those occasions.


BackWPup is a great plugin that will take care of that job for you. It even allows you to backup your site onto Dropbox or a different directory on the server.

Installing Too Many Plugins

WordPress currently has a database full of over 42,000 plugins. It’s easier to get carried away and install dozens of these plugins on your blog. These plugins can actually make or break your website.


Installing way too many plugins is bad for your website. It will affect your website’s loading time and it might even make your servers crash. Studies show that 40% of website visitors are likely to abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Speed up your website by removing unnecessary plugins and keep only the most important plugins active on your WordPress blog.

Avoiding Updates

One of the best ways to prevent hackers from taking over your website is to regularly update your WordPress database and plugins.

Outdated plugins usually have vulnerabilities, which hackers love to manipulate to take advantage. Plugin authors will occasionally release updates to fix these vulnerabilities and to make sure your site is safe. And it’s your job to keep your plugins up-to-date.


Update your plugins, themes, and WordPress database to the latest version as soon as the updates are available.

Forgetting to Moderate Comments

Not all comments are great for business. There are plenty of spammers and fake people who will leave comments on websites to gain backlinks and spread spam messages. These will not only make your website look bad but it will also affect your Google rankings.


Always check the links in your comments before approving them. Additionally, you can use a plugin like Akismet or Disqus, which will automatically filter out spam comments.

Creating Too Many Categories and Tags

The main benefit of creating categories is to allow your readers an easy way to find relevant articles under different topics. However, it can confuse your visitors when there are too many choices.

It’s best to limit your number of categories to 8 or lower. One category with a dozen articles is more helpful than having those articles under 12 categories each.

Read this helpful guide to learn more about managing tags and categories.

No Caching Plugin

Installing a caching plugin is one of the best ways to boost your WordPress website speed. When equipped, these plugins will automatically create static HTML pages of your blog posts, allowing them to load faster and reducing the load on the server.


WP Super Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins available for WordPress. It’s also easier to install than other caching plugins.

No need to get overwhelmed by all these technical stuff. In due time, you will learn to manage your WordPress blog like a pro. Until then, enjoy blogging and building your reputation online.

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