6 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Building an eCommerce Site

Did you know that 8 out of 10 online businesses fail within the first 18 months?

It’s mostly because many entrepreneurs these days rush to turn their great ideas into successful businesses and often times they forget to pay attention to the important details.

Especially when you’re building a business online, it’s crucial that you make sure your eCommerce website is perfect in every way because the tiniest mistake in your design could cost you an enormous amount of sales for your business.

So, if you’re planning on starting a small online store or already have one, do everything you can to avoid/fix these mistakes in order make your business a success.

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Poor Website Loading Speed

Having a website that loads super fast is the most important factor of a successful online business. Studies show that 47% of people expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

Pingdom Amazon ecommer website speedtest

(Amazon.com loading time/ Pingdom Speed Test)

This is why many popular eCommerce sites, such as Amazon, are doing their best to keep the website loading time below 2 seconds.

The best way to speed up your website speed is to have a solid website hosting plan. Choose a powerful VPS hosting plan with a reliable web host to build your eCommerce site.

The improved resources that come with VPS hosting will make sure that your website runs smoother, even while serving thousands of traffic.

Annoying Checkout System

How many times have you abandoned your online shopping cart after getting frustrated with the checkout system on a eCommerce website?

Many online stores are still using the old checkout systems that force us to fill out lengthy forms before checking out the stuff in our shopping cart.

Statistics also shows that 23% of users are more likely to abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new account with the shopping site.

Try to make your checkout system as simple as possible. Fewer fields to fill out the better.

Ecommerce website ebay check out

Take the checkout system on eBay, for example. You can buy something on eBay with just two clicks. That’s how you improve your sales.

Terrible Customer Service

Providing customer support through a phone line and emails used to be enough in 2005, but not anymore.

Today, people prefer to use their social media channels to ask questions about products and get support. It’s easier, personal, and more convenient.

Best buy ecommerce customer service

Best Buy is one of the big online stores that use Twitter to provide excellent support to their customers.

Take some inspiration from them and start serving your customers through social media. With a better support system, you will increase the number of your loyal customers.

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

There are now more mobile devices in the world than people. 8.6 billion to be exact. Is your website optimized to serve those devices?

Mobile vs desktop users

People are now using mobile devices to browse the web more than desktop devices. In 2014, website traffic from smartphones and tablets surpassed the number of traffic from desktop computers.

Have a mobile version of your online store to allow mobile users to easily shop on your eCommerce website. Take that first step to future-proof your website.

Lack Of A Business Blog

Most eCommerce websites are still unaware of the power of having a business blog. Even when statistics show that small businesses with blogs receive 126% more leads than the businesses without a blog.

Ecommerce website blog

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Setting up a blog is easy and it’s free. Take full advantage of it. Imagine how many shares you can get on social media and how many new visitors you can bring to your online store with a blog.

Bad User Experience eCommerce Website Design

When you stuff your website with too many products, images, and links, it can frustrate your visitors and drive them away.

An online store with a clean and a minimal design will allow the visitors to easily browse and shop online without any frustration.

Asos Ecommerce website

Have a look at the UK’s largest online clothing store, ASOS. See how simple and minimalist their website design and navigation looks.

That’s how you keep your visitors from leaving your website. Design your website for your customer experience, not for your products.

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