6 Tips on How to Get Paid for Blogging

More and more people are using the internet to live the dream of unplugging from the office, but jobs like blogging still feel like a pipe-dream to most. Maybe it’s because there is this to-good-to-be-true myth that blogging is easy — like anyone with a laptop can do it. Afterall, who is going to pay for something that just anyone can do? Well the truth is that blogging is within your reach, but it is most certainly not easy. Writing is only half the battle, and turning that skill into income is almost a whole craft in and of itself. The jobs are not going to come to you, but the internet is a big place with plenty of opportunity. Here are 6 quick tips on how to get paid for blogging.

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Create Your Own Blog

Don’t wait for an excuse to write. Find a good host site and write your face off. Right here at GoGetSpace you have loads of affordable hosting options to set you up with a wordpress page and domain. More importantly, starting a blog gives you the opportunity to hone your craft, practice, and build a portfolio.

Create your own blog
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Every article you put out is also a sample for potential clients, and the more articles you put out, the bigger your pool of samples. Your best three articles out of ten are not going to be as good as your best three out of one hundred. Everything you write is a chance to upgrade your value.

Become a Turnover Machine

You’re not going to make it writing one article a week. You need to hone your discipline, skills to the point where you can produce multiple works in a day, or even sometimes don’t afraid to ask “Can that rewriting-services rewrite my essay and improve my writing or give me notes and advises?”. Blogs need content, and if they can count on you for multiple solid pieces a week, you stand a good chance of becoming their primary writer.

Develop Your Niche

This is becoming common wisdom, but perfecting a niche cannot be overstated. Not only is this a great way to build up your brand, but people interested in learning more about a topic will want to come back to you for more. That’s a major key to building your following.

More importantly, expertise pays more than general knowledge. If you have a body of work on a topic, a blog is more likely to trust you on that topic and pay for your perspective, because it’s informed by a deeper pool of experience.

Promote Yourself

Blogging is as much about getting read as anything. Share your articles on social media, link to your articles in comment sections of relevant blogs, and get your stuff on sites with high visibility.

If you are just starting out, try writing something for free aimed at the audience of a major site. If they like your writing, they’ll take the gift, and you’ll not only have the eyes of their massive audience but now your foot is in the door. The first one is free, but now that you’ve piqued their interest, you can start negotiating deals for future posts and get paid for blogging.

Promote Yourself
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Raise Your Rates

We all have to start somewhere and you definitely can’t expect the same rates as a more experienced writer, but you also shouldn’t undervalue yourself when you have a good reputation to stand on. Bite the bullet in the beginning when you’re still building your portfolio, but once you’ve proven yourself to be a competent writer, raise your rates.

People will pay for the talent and skills of a dedicated writer, and dedicating time to any craft is only possible if it pays the bills. You can get paid for blogging cause people want to hire bloggers who earn their living writing because it means that writing is their main focus.

Raise Your Rates

If you can deliver professional-grade writing, charging professional rates can actually inspire confidence in your abilities, and attract more offers.

Embrace the Odd Jobs

While developing your niche is certainly worth your focus and time, it doesn’t mean you can’t make extra cash doing the occasional odd job.

Get paid for blogging is very practical, Every blogger needs a diverse source of income, so if you can write more, you really should. Sites like Listverse and Worldstart let you submit articles for approval, and can make a big difference in putting you over the edge into a comfortable monthly income.

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