Advantages and Disadvantage of E-commerce

Electronic commerce shortly known as E-Commerce has become a very popular word in the world of web. It is nothing but the trade of different products and the services that you want are means of the internet or by any other networking. How does a traditional business happen? Buyers and sellers come together to exchange the commodities for money. In traditional business buyers and sellers may physically present at the shop or market. They can exchange the products through direct shopping or through mail order catalogs or over telephone. But in e-commerce buyers and sellers are making their business over networked computers.

E-commerce is very convenient to any buyers. The buyers can choose any website according to their choices to purchase anything from that website. It has been very easy for the buyers to compare the products and its quality and prices by visiting websites round the clock a day. You need to go outside your home or office to buy your desired products. In many cases you can instantly get the products you want. An electronic book, a music file or any software can be found instantly just by downloading it.

However E-commerce has also some disadvantages. Consumers find it difficult to buy some products online because of their processing system. Again there are so many products that need to be tested when buying. For example consumers feel hesitant to buy an expensive sofa set from Internet because they want to test the comfort of this. Many people also like to pass time in shopping with near and dear ones.

Though there are disadvantages, but e-commerce has changed the dimension of the business with a great speed.

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