Backgorund Check on Google

We all know that Google is the fastest search engine on World Wide Web. Today we are going to know about the history behind Google. The term Google came from the word Google Inc. is an American multinational public corporation invested and researched in Internet search on World Wide Web, cloud computing as well as advertising technologies. . This company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brinwhile who were the Post graduate candidates in Stanford University. The founders of this giant search engine are also known Google Guy. The main tasks of Google are to host and develop a number of Internet -based services or products, and make profit primarily from advertising through its Advertising program. Google works over at least one million servers in gigantic data centers around the World Wide Web, and at the same time it processes about one billion search requests. Google also processes a huge amount of user generated data all over the world everyday which is totally beyond our imagination. The company was first incorporated as a privately or confidential held company on the month of September of 1998 and its initial public offering followed on the month of August of 2004.The main objective of the company was to organize the world’s information, specially the electronic information and make it universally accessible that is anybody can access any data at any time.

There are several reasons behind Google’s rapid growth. Since Google’s incorporation has triggered a chain of products or services, acquisitions and partnerships at the same time Google’s unbeatable growth happened beyond the company’s core web search engine.

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