WordPress Hosting – How to Choose the Best

Web hosting is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you create a WordPress website. Selecting the right hosting option can increase your sales and promote search engine optimization. There are different services to choose from including dedicated, vps shared, and WordPress hosting. Here are some of the things you need to consider to help you choose the best WordPress hosting.

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Website Needs

Think about the specific things your website needs to function properly. One of the first things to consider is your current site traffic and how much growth you expect in a few months. It is also important to determine whether you require a developer friendly service and the level of support your site needs.

Speed and Performance

Once you have identified your website needs, you should to think about level of speed and performance offered by your potential host. Select a hosting service that has good hardware to allow you to enjoy quality services. Find a host that is willing to offer adequate disk space, processing power, and memory to ensure good site performance.

Your website content and number of users will determine the level of performance and speed you need. Most hosting services offer unlimited disk space but you have to make sure you get good transfer speeds as well. High speeds will ensure your users get the content they want quickly. Look for a host that will keep your data transfer time low even when several visitors access your site. Online users tend to be very impatient, making speed a vital aspect to consider when looking for a hosting service. WordPress is also resource heavy if it is not optimized and this makes it necessary to get the best hardware.


Select a WordPress hosting company that is ready to ensure that their service functions properly at all times. Most providers offer a certain level of support. The support may be offered through ticket systems, forums, live chats, emails or telephone. Choose a service that will allow you to access support within the shortest time possible. Look for quick turnaround times when reviewing hosting support.

Find a company with knowledgeable and friendly support staff who are available to assist customers at any time of the day or night. Avoid hosting services that keep clients waiting.


Most providers will offer an uptime of over 99.5%. This is critical because uptime can affect the revenue you earn from your site. The trick is to use a reputable service because they are more likely to have excellent uptime.


You need a hosting service that will keep your site secure. Find a provider with secure systems that are designed to prevent common WordPress attacks. Look at the number of times the hosting service has suffered hacking attacks. This is one of the best ways to determine their security level.

Choose a provider that offers offsite backup and recovery. This will come in handy if your site is hacked or you lose your data. The backup and recovery option will allow you to get back all your content.

Data Center Location

The best WordPress hosting provider will have a data center located close to most of your site visitors.

WordPress Friendly
WordPress has unique requirements that make it necessary to select a friendly host. Use a WordPress friendly service to prevent broken features and security vulnerabilities. Find a provider that has a good record when it comes to WordPress sites. Your site needs to run on at least Setver side software.

Cost of WordPress Hosting

Choose a hosting option that will offer you value for your money. The amount of money you spend on the hosting service should be worth it. High speeds and secure servers are great but you also need to be able to earn more than you are spending on the site.

Most site owners think speed is the most important consideration when selecting a host but you also need to think about features, support, and price. Evaluate your site’s needs and then review the different options available to allow you to enjoy customized hosting services. It is also important to note that your site’s needs are dynamic and this means you may have to change your host occasionally.

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