Dedicated Server is a necessity or an extra?

logo dedicatedAccording to Netcraft’s latest forecast, by the end of 2014 there would be 1 billion of websites running on web. Now either it’s correct or not, but truth is there’s a terrible lot of websites on the internet now a days we see. Most of these websites are hosted on shared server. These Shared servers are powerful and steady enough for most of the purpose of hosting average websites. However, if you want more dedication of resources there’s always an option available. Thought shared servers are enough for most of the websites, yet if you want to get more success with complete focused dedication of resources, you might, at some point, need a dedicated server.

The word “dedicated” says it all. On Shared Hosting resources such as CPU, Memory, and other processes) are being shared with your websites stored on a specific server. Few of these shared has some limitation or capacities on usages such as each site will get equal resources, neither less neither more. So the theory is each site will share some resources on a particular server on a shared hosting, and you are not happy with it. Here’s dedicated option comes to your aid, on dedicated server your website will get all the resources available on a particular server completely. Your site will fully utilize the resources a server may have available. All the resources of a server such as CPU, Memory, and others are completely dedicated to a specific user to utilize as per wish without any limitations. You rent the machine and you add as many websites you wish and as many resources you want to dedicate to them. It’s on completely you.

When we are considering the word “resources” we should emphasize on some facts or questions. The first basic question is “How many websites do you want to run?” Then you should think “which category websites they are?” “How is the traffic rate?” “Which sites uses more resources such as graphics or videos and high traffics?” and more. If all the weights are high on these answers then you need a dedicated server. Again a question arise “Do you need a dedicated server only for a particular website?” The answer lies on the type of site it is and the traffic it has.

What’s the effect of dedicated server on SEO? Let’s start with shared server. When you are using too much of resources of shared server you might get suspended from the Data center and that’s horrible for SEO. Again your websites success depends on the visibility of it on Google, and to be visible on Google you need it to be rapid fast. According to Googles ranking algorithm of 2010, Websites speed is crucial factor! Here websites that contain slow loading pages suffer lower ranks, on the other hand quick pages are on top of listing. This rapid speed and quickness can be gained through dedicated servers mass resources only if the pages are designed well. Survey says that people migrating from shared to dedicate often get high traffics immediately after.

Another vital facility of dedicated server is security. When you sites are making success definitely its making money which draw a lot people’s attention on the credit cards and other transaction issues. Shared server cannot give you full protection as its security and monitoring is shared among the users, on the other hand dedicated provides your ongoing procedure of backup, monitoring and safe guarding facilities which is completely dedicated to you and your clients. When your sites are making 5 times the cost of dedicated server, switch to it. If you are making less then stay with the shared until profit goes up. Careful, if you can’t pay for dedicated definitely don’t switch.

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