General Blogging Tips – What Should You Blog About?

It is the most difficult thing to tell general blogging tips like what to write on your blog in front your face. Yes, it is complicated, let me discuss, at early stage of my blogging I used to copy all the blogs that are popular. And the problem is, I cannot keep going with it as because I didn’t know the subject and can’t able to blog the new things coming. As a result, I was trying to steal materials of others. But the readers left my blogs when they understood that this particular article is rewritten.

It seems very hard to me to find a fresh subject to write. Later I found a job in a shop as a sales manager. That shop sold wrestling mates to different schools and universities. Then I began to write about the experience about the wrestling coaching that are done across the country. Then I wrote my company’s expertise on making the wrestling mates that are made of foam plastic. After that, I verified about the safety of the wrestling mates so that jumping and lading on knees could not harm body. By verifying it, I had faced some injuries of knees. Now I am quite old and facing knee joint problems.

Any way to write a good article you need not to follow the bookish general blogging tips. Write the things that you feel and think. This is the way to write blogs. At the begging it would hard to you but in later you will be easy with this process of writing blogs. So keep writing and good luck.

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