Google Merchant Center

Processing order has never been easier! The introduction of Google Merchant Center has literally made it a piece of cake. In order to process orders in the Google Merchant Center, first you have to sign in, after signing in it’s time to review the order, and charge the buyer’s credit card. Then it’s up to Google to authorize 100% of the order amount. It is a requirement to charge the order within seven calendar days to get the guarantee or the fund. Then you should commence the payout process as soon as the order is charged. Now to be eligible for the Google payout plan it is a necessity to ship the order within the stipulated time that was agreed at the time of conformation of the order. After this it is required to make the buyer aware of the shipment.

Now in terms of selling services or goods that don’t need to be or can’t be  physically shipped, you have to mark the order “shipped” in order to send the buyer a confirmation email.

Another good feature is the automatic fraud risk modeling. At the time of processing orders, automatic fraud risk modeling is used by Google in order to alert them about probable fake transactions. A detection of fraudulent transaction results cancellation of it effective immediately. As a further safety precaution other active orders from the same fraudulent credit card is also cancelled immediately

Google merchant enables you to review credit verification information on each order you receive. For this you just sign in to Google Checkout, click the order in which you are interested in your “orders” box. At that time buyer credit verification information appears below the buyer’s shipping information, including whether the transaction is covered by the Payment Guarantee, the Address Verification System check, the Card Verification Value, or CVV, and Account age shows how long the buyer has been qualified to buy through Google Checkout. It gives you the option of cancel any order if you are concerned about it, in order to avoid the risk of a fraudulent transaction.

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