Google Shopping

On Google Shopping, searchers have the advantage of sorting products based on how relative they are to the search term, or by price. They can also choose to see images of the products or see the product brochure. They can filter their product searches by price, brand, store, free shipping, and latest additions. Any website that sells online should have an automated feed of products to Google Shopping.

The Google shopping feed began as a Froogle data feed, but through various steps now is Google Merchant Center data feed. Using Google Merchant Center anyone can upload their product feeds and make them simple to find on Google Product Search. After verifying the website with Google Merchant Center, it is relatively easy setting up the feed.

If anyone is currently on an AdWords account, s/he can connect it to their Google Merchant Center account in order to use product extensions in their AdWords that appear on Google search or Google images. It is a very easy work to identify AdWords with product extensions because they appear in a small blue plus box under the ad. When a product result is relevant to the query, only at that moment these product extensions appear. These blue boxes take the users to a position where they are only a click away from the page containing their desired product. Only a click on the blue page takes them to the page.

Google Merchant Center is the ultimate weapon for those who want to sell products through Google Products searches. This can be a real sales booster and key to success for those who have shops online.

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