Know about WordPress Widgets

Even though the word widget may look a little bit funny it has turn out to be a frequently used term, especially in the middle of bloggers utilizing the most famous WordPress software.

The term ‘WordPress widgets’ is applicable to every accessible sidebar function in the themes of WordPress including elements such as search box, RSS feed links, meta-tags, categories, recent posts etc. which can be easily arranged by any blogger into the blog’s sidebar in a way the blogger wants.

The greater part of current WordPress themes are known as widget-ready, i.e. bloggers can adjust them without having to alter the code. You just have to log in as the administrator and then drag all the elements you desire to the sidebar rearranging and also adding them when on earth you desire.

WordPress is an extremely user-friendly blogging application, and through the adding of widgets it has turn out to be even more easy to use providing for a most pleasant blogging experience.

You must now want to know where you can find it. There are so many websites offering themes that are widget-ready for WordPress, however the widest collection of them can be easily found at their official website i.e. the website of WordPress. You will find there a widest selection of blog templates beautifully arranged by width, color, sidebars on the right and on the left side, curved and unrounded corners and so on.

Now I want to tell you something about ExecPHP. It is a text-box widget that permits injecting PHP code into your own sidebar.php and easily executing it by means of a simple click-and-copy operation rather than having to adjust it by hand.

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