Living in the Age of Google

We all know that we are living in the era of internet; day by day all of our work is totally is depending on virtual world. Different types of websites or organization is controlling this web zone but the most interesting one organization is going over all other websites and that is Google, it is a type of web organization which creates a sub era in the era of internet.

Google is a type of organization which diversified their service in different sectors; whatever you search in the website seems like that is somehow linked with the Google. As I said that Google has diversified service giving ability but when we are starting to remember something about Google at first we will think about the search engines of Google. The popularity of this search engines is beyond your imagination. In most of the cases people are not able to imagine any other search engines instead of Google.

Google’s next most popular service is blog. By the blog of Google people are able to share their views thinking, knowledge etc. After introducing this one people found a way express their views as they want. This blog give people not only sharing knowledge but also earn money. This blogging is considered as one of the best way of earning money.

Google also gives us chance to monitor the countries by Google map. Not only this Google designed all of its work as like as people can find all of the important things so much easily that’s why Google become one of the best of this world.

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