Models of E- commerce

The word E-commerce is used when business transactions are occurred by Internet and Web. But we generally thought that when individuals and organizations involving in a business and their transactions are enabled digitally then we called it E- commerce. We can see many organizations are getting introduced in this field. So we need to have clear knowledge about E- commerce.

There are five types of models that included with ‘e’ factor.

1. Business to Business: In this model both buyers and sellers are business organizations. In this model individual buyers and sellers are not entitled. This model is the largest among others.

2. Business to Consumer: In this model only business and customers are involved. Here business organizations do online trade to customer. The main theme of this model is that the retailer can sell their products online with having clear data.

3. Consumer to Consumer: Here both parties are consumer. But there is an online market maker to give them platform to do transactions like eBay.

4. Peer to Peer: This is more than an E-commerce model. In this model technology helps the people to share computer resources and files without any web server. In this model, both parties have to install the needed software as it is important to communicate on a same platform.

5. m- Commerce: Here, mobile devices are used for doing transactions. The users of mobile devices can conduct their business transactions. Companies are designing their web page so that it can be viewed on mobile.

There are some other model like Business to Employees and Government to Business. But these are quite similar with these five models.

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