Plugin for showing the Page Rank For the WordPress (part 1)

In fact you yet speculate how you can put the plugins of the page rank on your own blog; there is a short review of appropriate applications to be designed for using in particularly the blogs which are powered by the WordPress.

One plugin of the WordPress that is integrated in the index is to be start on the Chinese web site but only click the tab of “Translate” in the toolbar of the Google & you will find the English version of that.

It will show the page rank of the Google for the existing page on the blog of your own.

The system of Installation is very much simple. First job to get the software you need to download the file of the required plugin “”. It is a .rar file and you need to extract the file to get the directory of the plugin for the management of the background to make active it.

Lastly, you need to change the template of the plugins by a process of inserting a few codes where you desire the page rank to show.

Geeklad Widget:

There are a large number of plugins of the Page Rank items for the WordPress but it may show that nearly all of them occupy to edit the template to facilitate include them into the blog of yours.   So, the Geeklad Widget, having a lack of improved option, got on the job of making a plugin of the WordPress to show Page Rank in any widget.

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