Plugin for showing the Page Rank For the WordPress (part 2)

We can get the displaying of the Page Rank by the Widget of the WordPress.

The preference is very much simple in this aspect. You can display the Page Rank of your web site either at the top of the page, that is in the index page of your domain, or can be displayed  this at the page level of your domain. Normally, the Page Rank is generally displayed at the page level of the domain.

The process of the installation is relatively very simple and the guide will say you what to do.

For this you need to download the Widget plugin for displaying the Page Rank and also extract them to get real and accessible contents which are needed for the plugin directory of your blog and then activate it.

After this go to the button “Appearance” then go to the “Widgets”.  Now you need to add the Page Rank Widget and also select the display option in the Individual Page or in the Bottom level or in the Top-Level of the domain page and then save all the changes.

You will be grateful for the option, which is capable of displaying the Page Rank by a widget. It does make the process very much easy only downloading and then selecting.  It is also very mush easy to apply and does not need to edit the code for the HTML or not need to load any images or the program of the JavaScript from the other web site.

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