Plugin for showing the Page Rank For the WordPress (part 3)

The recent edition of the plugins for showing the page rank added the features of permitting the displaying of the page rank with the post. Simply put the corresponding code in the place where you would like to show it on the page.

Chabaan Plugins:-

Another most popular plugin for showing the Page Rank for the WordPress is accessible by the, which only displays the page rank of your domain but not of the individual page.

The plugin of the Page Rank which is consist of 3files of PHP & one folder of the images.

To facilitate installation of the plugin, you must need to extract these file and then upload them in the folder of the page rank to your wp-content>plugins folder of your blogs. After that activate your plugin in control panel and place the function of the plugin with a given theme.

Missionseo Widget:-

“Free-of-Cost Link Baiting Tool” is important plugins for your blog which is offered by the, which describes as the blogging plugins of the WordPress and also can be considered as a widget.

The viewers of your site can confirm the page rank of your website by the Google but you need also a large number of back links to get for your web site by allocating the Page Rank chalet.

The side bars of the WordPress blog will show the page rank of your web site and also allowable for checking the page rank by the viewers. You may adjust the color of the side bar by changing the appearance of the plugins.

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