Popular WordPress widgets

There are huge numbers of widgets obtainable, which you can use at your own website. All of these widgets belongs to diverse categories and serves dissimilar purposes. In this very article I am going to chat about top WordPress widgets.

>>All in one SEO: You don’t need to hire any SEO services for your own website. You just need to install “All in one SEO” and it will precisely look out of all your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs. This very widget precisely optimizes tags and keyword density, HTML of your online site. Make use of this widget to rank higher in online search engines.

>>Featured content gallery: I actually love this widget. “Featured content gallery” provides your online site a good-looking look and helps your online visitors to simply navigate through the new articles. This actually augments user experience and boosts your web page views.

>> Font Resizer: You will be glad to know that “Font Resizer” allows your online visitor to alter font size of your text with only one simple click. Users can boost or reduce font size simply by a single click.

>> WP Polls: You can simply involve your online visitors in your own blog with WP polls. WP polls assist you to create fresh polls and show them on your WordPress blog.

>> WP SpamFree: You can simply remove spam from your online site with “WP SpamFree” widget which is provided to you by WordPress. These very widgets detect ineffective comments and eventually eliminate them.

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