Some Must Know Tips to Design Your Web Page

Designing a webpage or a web site is very important thing. The site must have to be attractive to look at. So the color combination of the web page is one of the significant topics to remember. First of all think about the color of your page which color suits your page most. You should use maximum two or three types in the combination of color. You should not use more color combination in your web page.

Color combination and selection is totally dependent on you and your choice.   Following a few combinations of colors would be better for you. If u have any confusion in choosing color you can visit web pages to see their combination.

Another important thing of your web page or web site will be `finding the important topics `of your site by the visitors. You should notice that, a visitor should find important topic as easy as he wishes to.  You must have to confirm this. That is why the navigation bar has to be easy to be understood. Normally the navigation bar is located just at the top of the web page. So you have to put your site navigation bar at the top of the page or at the right side of the page. Various types of effects can be used to develop your web page. But you have to confirm that extra or excessive effects have not been used. Using excessive animations or effects to your page can affect visitors detaching their minds from the main topics of your page.

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