This is why it is way harder to become an entrepreneur and the only easy thing you need to do!

What a day to start working and what a topic to exclaim on! Fabulous!

There’s only one major reason behind failure as an entrepreneur. Mother of all evil that is. And there’s only one EASY thing to do. Yeah, one major cause and one major action. That’s all.

Oh, there’s one other thing entangled to it. Entrepreneurship is boring while day jobs are charming. It may seem untrue first. Day jobs are non-prosperous while entrepreneurship skyrockets… and you’ve ran away from day jobs only because of that.

How come day jobs are full of joy while a business of your own is full of shhh..? You’ll get to know it once you reach the bottom of these clutter of words.

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What a Day (You May Skip, but something is always here… you know)

I’m more than glad to start the day with this unparalleled topic. I’ve left the washroom, you know, morning ritual stuff- stormed right into my workspace and boom- what a topic!

I’ve come nearby my PC, it’s been a little slow lately despite having an SSD. windows ages and that’s how things work in this materialistic world. All praise Bill Gates!


So, it was booting up. I was like, can’t wait, so I turned on my Wi-Fi, went to Google Drive, opened a new doc file, and successfully started writing in my phone. Once Mr. Gates’s grace is ready to loom over our intellect, all is set and here I am, on my precious PC.

Now my phone is doing something else, it’s playing war music on YouTube. Aggressive music in a lonely productive morning sets fire all over me.

Entrepreneurship Obstacles: See, How Excited I am?

Yes, that’s because I’ve got a definitive useful piece of charcoal to write with. You know, to write something means to embed something deep within your core driving forces. I write for myself and for like minded people.

There are numerous, uncountable number of obstacles into your path to entrepreneurship. Others race, entrepreneurs do the same thing with a number of add-ons. They do obstacle racing. So, this is meant to be for those who love walls and muddy puddles on their everyday path.

Hey, don’t be disheartened, nobody loves constant obstacles from the very beginning.

Like me and like yourself, they first choose to be an entrepreneur and then find that they gotta love problem solving more than anything else.

That’s how it works. Let’s jump right into the process:

Why People Succeed on other things and fail as an entrepreneur?

There’s only one cause behind the curtains of our neurons.

People have a deadline in every other conventional work. Everybody’s a procrastinator to some extent. You procrastinate as much as you like and you do it right before the deadline. Nope, it’s not true only for you and some of your friends. It’s rather true for nearly everybody.

It’s even true for most of (or, nearly all of) PhD researchers!

People with a day job or contract can pass with procrastination. They know where the last point is. Where it’s gonna break the chains. They manage to evade that deadline.

Entrepreneurs are working for “Greater Good”

Yup, honestly, that’s what sucks the most.

Ditch the delusion of greater good and you’ll be omnivorous.


Because, greater goods always come later in your life. That’s how you picture it. That’s how you accept and consume it. The sad truth though says that those greater good never come to our lives.


Because, It takes 1 or 3 or, say, 5 to 15 years before that achievement arrives. See, as a procrastinator, you’ve got all the time on earth (and maybe on heavens, who knows!).

Let’s steal some precious gems from the non-trepreneurs’ success chest:

Daily Job Holders are working for the day

Everybody’s working so hard to keep up with their daily job requirements. They’re rushing for office and reaching there right before it starts and they leave the space as soon as time arrives.

You gotta do this.

Okay, let’s break it down first and then pick the takeaways:

  1. Everybody with a typical `day job’ starts their work in the same time of workdays. You gotta do this. Whatever happens, you need to start it in a predefined hour.
  2. You gotta dress properly. Not formally. Differently. Differently then you do it in your bed. It’s immensely important. Why? Look at number six, seven and eight.
  1. They don’t have (or feel) any pressure other than arriving on time. It’s a psychological advantage. Simple is good.

Ditch everything for the initial days. Just keep one thing in mind, you need to start `isolated work’ right before the time arrives.

  1. You don’t have to check emails and stuff on bed. You don’t have to start planning from bed.

Why? That’s because you will do it after you’ve arrived in `office’. Not right after. After you feel like doing it. That’s how it works for day jobbers.

  1. See what i’m doing? I’m making it easy on you. Once you’re in ‘office’, start having something uplifting by the time Gates’ Grace is turned on (If you’re on Mac, lucky you). Start having a cup of sugarless black coffee or a cup of green tea.
  2. What do they do right after pressing on the start button of their computers? They start smiling at each other. Greeting. It’s more likely that you are all alone in the very first days of entrepreneurship.

Do it to yourself. Please, please smile. Greet yourself. Remember some of the sweeter moments.

  1. Yup. Things are unfolding like hell. Remember what I said in the very beginning? Day jobs are sweet only because you’re way relaxed while heading, reaching, sipping, greeting and smiling at each other.

Now now, remember that you must take a full lunch break. It is what it is! Lunch break makes you more relaxed while you were already relaxed.

Whatever obstacle you’ve encountered during the day job’s first period- you’ve always told yourself “i’m gonna get a lunch break in a while. All these shitty muddy things are transient. Life’s good at lunch.”

  1. Remember what they do right before lunch break? Yeah, all those louse lucky ‘people’ :).

First, they forget what they were doing as part of their job. Second, they greet each other with great joy, stretching, smiling and acting like a super non-complaining man. Then they call their soulmates or parents- rarely. They usually eat while not thinking about their assignments.

  1. They’re non supposed to make personal phone calls or reply mails, facebook comments or whatever it is. Bad for them and bad for you as well.
  2. They know after the second half of their desk job, they’re free to go home. They know that nobody’s gonna ask them for work at home.

They’re not bound to answer for whatever they were doing. They can spend quality time with their spouces, they can be a caring mom or dad. They can do daily routine and stuff normal, functional, happy and successful people do.

These policies keep everything shining. Their soulmates have very little to complain, and there is very little gurbage on the trash can. Everything’s up and running. No gloominess whatsoever.

The whole picture says one thing, things are running as they should around this house. Now now, you’ve got the idea that if you need to carry your business initiative or whatever you’ve got up your sleeves, you’ve got to keep every face and every stuff in your house shining.

You can do it only if you’re free from worries in the end of the day.

  1. But how come an ideal entrepreneur stays worry free at bed? There’s a question from me as well, how come fabolous business initiators fail?

You need to know that you can’t do five years’ work in a day and you know that you should not worry for the upcoming year at bed. It is only possible if you finish the day’s work properly and start afresh the next day.

  1. What about weekly plans? Well, what do the desk jobbers do? They have a weekly plan, right? They want to go camping, hiking or shopping in the weekend. They enjoy.

That’s your weekly plan. They mostly work eight hours a day, five days a week. As a full time entrepreneur, you can work ten hours a day. It can be eleven hours, maybe twelve at best. They work five days a week, you should choose five work days.

If not, choose six days. Remember, there’s no plan for weekends other than fishing or hanging out. You’re bound not to work, man! How exciting this is?

  1. Monthly? Well, they get paid on a monthly basis. You should get yourself paid at the end of the month. That’s the monthly work plan. It can be a dollar or a million bucks. But you should get paid and smiling.

Am I Glorifying Desk Jobs?

Nope. I’m just bringing all the bright sides of day jobs. Day jobs usually don’t make you truckloads of money and an early retirement. Entrepreneurship is something which will eventually get you those coveted things.

Entrepreneurship rocks.

It smiles and dances in our dreams. I’m just letting you have initiatives in a byte size package.

As you can see, there’s no plan for a week, a month or five years. There’s only one plan.

Do today what you should be doing today. Pick the most important work that needs to be done today. Nothing for tomorrow, you’ll be fit and able tomorrow. You’ll figure it out. You’ll solve it right away.

You’re an entrepreneur and it takes lots and lots of ‘ball elixirs’ to be an entrepreneur. We, you and I, are well ahead of most of the people. Just let not our elixirs spoil the feast.

Let’s do it once in a day. Years will pass by and you’ll end up driving the latest, flagship tesla or whatever you wish for.

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