Tips for Effective Web Design

The most important thing that should be followed by a designer is to create a first loading website. You might have designed a good looking website but very few people can see them because it takes too long time to load. Try our tips that will help you to overcome the fact.

Lesser Use of the images: the vital thing to make a web site faster is to minimize the use of images in it. Image may enhance a page but don’t load your web site with full of images. Instead make the site using simple HTML. You can notice the popular sites like yahoo, Amazon, Google, eBay and some others.  You will see that they have very few images because the loading time is more important. And for sure simple design is the best.

Optimize your images: when you are decided on the images that you choose for your site make sure that they are optimized for the web. And these images should be in the jpeg or gif format. By choosing the number of colors you can minimize the size of images. The less the color u choose the less the size of the images.

Use tables: you will get some good looking tables which are very first as they are in just HTML code. Table can be used in the homepage or anywhere you like.

Less the use of animated gifs: the animated gifs will make your site slower. So don’t use them if not necessary. And gifs take a long time to load.

Design with simple icon: don’t use big or bulky icons. Use simple icons with a little color and attract the visitors.

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