Tips on Using WordPress Plugins to Boost Admin Abilities

If you can use the WordPress plugins efficiently you will be able to enhance the abilities of your blog admin. There are a lot of such plugins available in the internet. Here are some tips for you in this regard:

  • Firstly, you will have to download the plugin from the plugin developer or WordPress. Then you will have to upload this into your blog or website.
  • Secondly, you will have to activate this plugin that you have uploaded newly. For doing this you will have to go to the admin panel of the WordPress of your blog and select plugin from the menus named Dashboard. Then you will have to find the newly uploaded one and then you will have to click the link named activate.
  • Thirdly, you can use a plugin named the Digital Fingerprint to detect those bloggers who are copying your contents and then passing them off as their own content. This plugin will put a digital fingerprint into the posts of your blog so that no one can copy them. So, this will help you a lot in dealing with such troubles.
  • Fourthly, you can think about the free plugin that helps the users of your blog to email each other personally.  It will help you if you have a good number of users who have registered and contribute to your blog. This plugin will allow them to exchange personal emails easily.

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