Using of WordPress and Powerful SEO Feed from WordPress: Two Pods in a Pea

In the year of 1996 when people are developing their websites as well as optimizing those for the SEO, the SEO Alien had been included in the world of internet.  The SEO has been improving more and more since that time. Making a search engine optimization feed on the basis of WordPress creates powerful SEO. Here are some steps on using the WordPress accurately:

Step 1

Post any article on the page by logging into your own WordPress account. You may have your account in free or You can use anyone of these two as both accounts can work on for this. If you have created your page, you must be sure about that you can be capable of locating the WordPress feed. If there is such a problem that you cannot be able to see that, you will need to include the Meta Tag Widget in the back office of WordPress.

Step 2

In order to start this step 2, you must post at least an article before. If you already have located your feed of WordPress from your home page, you have to remember the location of that place where it was found. Reason is that, you may need to use the location later.

Step 3

In this step you have to create an account in After that, create a new blog of your own. Then, you have to add up that feed into your account. A widget is available for you for making your this work easy. Opening the account and adding the feed will populate automatically your blog at with one single sentence or else two sentences from the main article created by you. This also provides you a backlink, which is readable, to your own article on your blog as well.

Step 4

In this step, you have to create an account on Twitter. It actually gives specialty to your search engine. This is really more powerful and most of the people will be able realize if you can use this correctly.

Step 5

It is the final step to go on. In this step, you need to create again another account at Then try to add up your account of Twitter to it and after that specify the location of the tab of RSS Feed. Now, you need to include your created wordpress feed. Customize the setting by selecting how often that feed will be wanted to check by you for the latest content. Include it to the twitter account.

Everybody dreams to have the most powerful search engine. These are the steps of using the WordPress accurately, which will help in a great extent in creating such most powerful Search Engine Optimization feed.

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