Web Design Guidelines

Good web designing is considered as the key factor to any successful commercial website. Through this process a lots of considerations has come out in order to make a good site. Here I mentioned some important guidelines and tips necessary for every web design.

Tip 1 > Layout:

Choosing the best layout is the first step in a web designing process. You have to choose the right layout which suitable to your needs. So the tip is to choose the best suitable layout according to your needs.

Layout is mainly the placement of your image, content and information necessary in your web page. You have to consider some things mentioned in the bellow if you want to make the best web design.

  • v  Height of footer and the header content.
  • v  Height and width of the design screen.
  • v  The content place in the page. It means where to place the content to make it more clearly readable.
  • v  Keep some white spaces within the image or content to make it more clearly readable to the visitors.
  • v  Keep it very simple and clear. Try to avoid place too much information stuck in a single page.
  • v  On a simple page you can draw the layout if you want.

Tip 2 > Color Scheme:

Choosing the right color scheme is the second step in web design. You can use a comprised of two or three color. But one thing is that don’t use more than three colors as it is somewhere difficult to control. You can have also pick up the color scheme from some website like kuler.com, colorlovers.com etc. Now some tips about that-

  • Try to choose at least three colors.
  • Place your text in a readable manner.
  • Try to highlight the links in sharp colors than text.
  • Use the light color text on dark backgrounds.
  • Use clean color scheme.

Tip 3 > Content Placing:

This is the third and the most important step in a web page design. It denotes to position and maintain the content in such a manner so that the users like all the pages and also the balancing. One thing you have to consider that the page can be viewed by multiple browsers.

  • Keep same distance in all the pages.
  • Consider the left and right margin same in all pages.
  • Keep balance in positioning.
  • Provide some white space.

These all tips and guidelines are design based. So try to use them in your own page design.

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