Web Design Tips-5

Tip 22: If you are planning on using affiliates or advertising to earn a few more money from your web site, then employ them as carefully as possible because people just switch off with plenty of flashing adverts however may just be attracted to the single advertisement amongst that text.

Tip 23: As you know flash intros appear great however are really irritating, how many in fact watch the entire intro at anyway? I just lean to click to the subsequent web site rather than stay for the intro to load. In my belief, do not make use of it.

Tip 24: For me Pop-up windows are a huge negative thing! I discover these actually annoying & the majority people I am acquainted with feel that way as well. Try to keep away from using these. Keep in mind what I said you can possibly lose your personality! It may look high-quality to you however they are extremely annoying to the online user of your website.

Tip 25: Make certain that all of your significant content & vital keywords are on top of the ‘fold’. The ‘fold’ is the tip on your online site where you have to begin scrolling down.

As well make certain that your web site fits on the majority screen sizes, one mainly irritating thing that turns online visitors off is if they got to scroll from left to right to see your web site.

So make sure that your settings are perfect!

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