Web Designing Tips-1

In web designing, beginners always have some wrong ideas about designing. I am going to help you through this article and give you some important tips.

Tip 1: If possible employ a light background in your design with a black font, if at all possible use white background with dark text. This is so much easy for the human eye to see black and white things. The most important thing you wish for is getting an online visitor to your website, and if you make your website simple you can get much web traffic.

Tip 2: Content is extremely important, on each page you ought to have as a minimum 100 words which will take in your mainly significant keywords. Google loves important content if you update your website in a regular basis with appropriate content you are going to catch your dream.

Tip 3: You have to have your logo placed on the top left of the page of your website as this is the primary thing the user’s eye will see. You should also provide your website name or business name, your phone number or e-mail address just to the right of the page.

Tip 4: If the online site is quite huge with so many pages & different types of products then confirm that you contain a site “Search” option for your own website. Usually this will be positioned near the top of the web page.

Tip 5: Confirm your Title Tags are identical for every page & that they hold your major keywords for that exacting page.


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