Web Designing Tips-3

Tip 11: Confirm that you have Alt Tags on all of your pictures. They assist the blind and visually impaired, as they contain software that will understand the Alt tags & explain the image to them.

Google as well view Alt Tags as significant so make certain you have vital keywords in the Tag however never repeat keyword as Google will believe you are trying hard to make them fool by spamming. You must keep it reasonable & keep it genuine.

Tip 12: The fonts you make use of for your text are very significant. Serif is simple to read on computers, so attach to Serif for headlines specially &and Sans-Serif for the text in your website.

Do not make use of fancy fonts just for the reason that they look superior, as several will not be showed on some web browsers & this will make your online site look dreadful. You wish for your site to look fine but a lot more importantly you desire it to work fine.

Tip 13: You must limit the number of dissimilar fonts that you employ to 2 at the utmost. I aim to make use of the same font all through my online sites.

Tip 14: Do not employ loads of dazzling colors as this as well looks unprofessional. Find a color wheel & choose 3 or 4 colors that are relevant or are strongly matched on the color wheel.

Do not make use of ‘shouting’ colors such as dazzling reds, greens or yellows. Be slight.

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