Website Design Tips-for increasing your profits

When are going to  design a web site then you should always keep some tips in your mind because many people are often make some  mistakes to prove them as a clever or outstanding someone. They forget that what are the rules and what they supposed to do.  Everybody try to make his or her design attractive .You need not to design your site artistic touch.

You require paying your attention to the subject that people getting interest to read your site.  You have to offers an option of giving reviews for the visitors.

Here we are discussing about some design tips for drawing the attention of the visitors:

1. Front page should not be big!

People generally do not like the scrolling.  The front page of the site should be small with economical design and also a text message of strong bold font of the facility that are provided by you. You whole front page should be displayed in the visitors browser whatever the size of the monitors. You can check this by opening your site in different popular browsers in the online.

2. Always the outlines the benefits of using your site:

This is better way to offer the people to visit and explore your site. Your design is there as the backup, do not use much clutter for filling the front page.

Make it clean and fine with the headings and also with the sub headings for making your clients take remarks and to discover your web site.

It is very important that the benefits that are offering by you always draw the kind attention of the visitors and also promote them to explore your web site and slick on the page which increases your hits as well as the ranking of the site.

3. Free service or product.

You can offer your visitors with free service like newsfeed, report or also back link of some popular site Facebook, yahoo etc.

First time they may not take your free service or product but they will interest to visit your site next time for these offered free services or product.  You may make database for capturing the e-mail id of the visitors if they want.

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