Website Design Tips – for increasing your sales

The website business is nowadays a popular online business. Though it is popular many designer are not behaves professionally.  The profit of this business depends on the several factors. They always do some mistakes.

Ordinary or new designer thinks if their page is attractive and that fulfilled with many gorgeous flash animation and image then the people will like to visit the site. But they are wrong. People always visit your site for their required information not for gorgeous design. But a standard look of the site is also a important fact. They do not maintain some common criteria for which people feel interest to visit the site for the next time.

The time to load your Site must be little. Your website must be loaded swiftly. You should not  over loaded  your site with  unnecessary sound, flash or with fancy graphics , for which your site loaded slowly and it will kill more time of the visitors that the visitors may feel bored. You can some animation and flash for your site but it should not be relegate to history! They are actually helps to sell your product or service. But the use of much flash animation irritate the people and make them get away from the web site of your and you lose a potential profitable prospect.

People are generally visiting the site to find and get information for them to buy and sell their products. They need to focus on the information of your site. So you need to focus on the text of your site. People come to your site to get benefits not for seeing your design. It is not an art gallery it’s a media to selling your services and products.  You need not add much text in your site. People generally do not like to read more and they feel boring.

Color is important matter for this concern. It has a physiological background. People respond to the color and you require bearing the following tips in mind.

1. Always write in a white background and the font color should be the reverse color of white. It is very much easy and comfortable to read in such condition.

2. Colors choosing is also a personal matter .but the people generally felt comfortable with the following colors are: Burgundy, Steel grey, dark blue and Dark Green.

You should use the complementary or opposite color of the background for the text. You can use pictures or image in your site. But they should not be over loaded in the page. This has a disadvantage that it takes much time to load the page. People do not like this. Navigation system should be simple to access and reasonable to follow.

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