Website Hosting with C panel

C panel is software that is mainly used to deal with the web hosting easily and effectively. It is UNIX based software that helps to maintain the web server graphically. If you use C panel then there is no need to give any text command directly. You can easily choose any command that is based on API and by this any host provider can specify the useable limit of bandwidth or hard disc of web to any host receiver.

It also supports Linux operating system. With this software is associated with Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, and Perl. There are so many add-ons also. When you want to buy a hosting then you have the opportunity to get hold of the hosting providers who provide the interface design of C panel. Especially a password and verified account is given to C panel when you are trying to buy the hosting. Here are some related things on C panel.

File management:

To fix the allocation of hard disc and upload and download of files inside this the File manager part of C panel is required. Accounts of file transfer protocol can be seen here. To keep backups of all the files and to restore those, this part is used.

Mailing option:

It’s an easy solution to webmail. To create new web address and to import and export email it can be used.

Statistics part:

To get information about the visitors and their numbers and to specify the bandwidth, you can set some tools of this software to know this. Wastes can be used to track the visitors.

There are also some other part of this software like database, domain, custom software etc. So this software is really helpful for advanced web designing and hosting.

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