What actually Google Sitemap is?

A Google Sitemap is an extremely straightforward XML document that catalogs all the web pages in your own website, however the program of Google Sitemaps is in fact much more significant than that. In actual fact, the Sitemaps program gives a tiny peek inside Google’s brain – and it is able to tell you lots about what actually Google is thinking about your own website!

Reasons you ought to use Google Sitemaps–

Until Google Sitemaps was started in summer of year 2005, optimizing a web site for Google was a guessing sport. A website’s page may be erased from the index, and about this the Webmaster had no sort of idea.  On the other hand, a website’s valuable content could be checked, however as a consequence of the oddities of the algorithm, the merely web pages that would rank fine may be the “About Us” webpage, or the press releases of the companies.

As webmasters we were at the whim of Googlebot, the apparently arbitrary algorithmic kingmaker that possibly will make or break an online site overnight throughout shifts in online search engine positioning. There actually was no specific method to be in touch with Google about an online site – either to realize what was incorrect with it, or to inform Google when the contents had been updated.

That all modified almost a year ago when Google started Sitemaps, however the program in fact became functional in February of year 2006 when Google modified it with a pair of new tools.

So, what precisely is the Google Sitemaps program, and how are you able to you use it to pick up the position of your online site? Fine, there are basically two reasons to employ Google Sitemaps:

1. Sitemaps offer you with a method to tell Google precious information about your own website

2. You are able to employ Sitemaps to study what Google actually thinks about your own website.

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