WordPress Overview for Newbies

WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It can also be used as content management. Starting with wordpress is a great enjoying thing. Now-a-days you can gather your political views; some of your thoughts etc in starting a blog and for this wordpress are the best media.

Getting started is an easy process. You just have to go in wordpress.com. Then just click the Sign Up button. After entering your e-mail and username you can access this page. After that you will have to choose a domain name as it is important for you because it cannot be changed in future. Choose a blog title. It can be changed later but domain name can’t be change. If you want to see your site in search engine then make sure that this option is on. Then start writing. The more you write your articles will be read by others. Write about anything that goes comfortable with you.

When you have decided to write a blog then your first step should be find a host. The wordpress.org program doesn’t support web hosting.  But it will suggest you some hosts. After completing this step you will have to fix a domain name. Next you will have to install the program. You can customize your blog using thousands of themes and also you can use the plug-in. In the end you can inform all your native ones about your blog and start promoting on other sites.

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