WordPress tips to make your blog efficient

WordPress using is the best software if you think about Blogging. It is a package that allows the users to set up and update their blog. WordPress is easy to use and more creative. Here are some WordPress tips that can help you that can help you to make your experience of blogging more efficient.

If you create a post and want to publish it then see that post assigned an URL that ends up with “p=146”. To make respect for your site then you need to change this. First go to options then click ‘permalinks’. As your fresh permalink arrangement type “%category% /% postname%”. This will put the category name that tracked by the name of the post.

If you are confused in writing about something then do a Google search for the keywords. Then summarize a news event and enlarge it by adding what you think about it. You can do it by giving some of your past experience that match to your topic. And it can make the topic more interesting to read.

It wouldn’t be nice if someone runs crosswise this if Error 404 page happens. To get out from this, you have to edit 404.php.file. This file can be entranced from WP admin control panel.

If your blog is passing on the reimbursement of Google page rank then you can install do follow plug-ins. This can be found by search engine or WordPress.

Repeated posting boost your ranking you can solve this problem be posting blog ahead of time.

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