Affordable Shared Hosting

Crafted with care

Good for Blog, eCommerce, Forum, Corporate site or Custom made scripts.
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Instant Provisioning
Shared Hosting

Affordable Wordpress Hosting


Try our GGS Press WP Hosting service for 30 days absolutely FREE!
  • 3 Different Packages
  • FREE Domain name
  • 100% SSD Drive
  • Instant Provisioning
WordPress Hosting

Affordable Dedicated Hosting

50% off

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(Offer valid till 30th aug 2017)

  • Starting at $99.99/month
  • Multi Processor servers
  • Custom configuration
  • 100% Dell Poweredge enterprise hardware
Dedicated server

Affordable VPS Hosting

50% off

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  • Starting at $9.99/month
  • OpenVZ Based
  • Custom configuration
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
VPS Hosting

Excellent Affordable Hosting Support


Reach us via phone, live chat or email. We are always here to listen your issues about the server or service you are subscribe with us. You may also browse our tons of Knowledge Base Articles or Youtube Video Tutorials.

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Affordable Hosting Options

At Go Get Space, we have created our servers and affordable hosting packages to meet your exact needs. We tried to cover from a personal blog to High-end corporate servers. Check out our three different kinds of web hosting servers and their packages. If you need something that doesn't match with our packages please feel free to contact our sales team for further assistance.

Wordpress Hosting
Wordpress Hosting
GGS Press WordPress Hosting comes With
100% SSD Drive
FREE Domain Name
30 Days Free Trial
Unlimited Traffic
Great for:
Everyone who looking for wordpress as CMS to make Blog, eCommerce, Sales page, Company Site etc.
Starting From
GGS Press Plans
VPS Hosting
Professional grade VPS hosting comes with
Choice of operating system
Choice of control panel
Service level agreement
Flexible and customizable
Great for:
Small and medium business, Resellers, Ecommerce websites, Developers.
Starting From
See VPS Plans
Dedicated Server
GGS Professional Dedicated Server comes with
Extreme performance
100% flexibility
Choice of operating system
Blended bandwidth
Great for:
Big Websites, Corporate companies, High traffic
Starting From
See Dedi Servers

Our features makes us unique

You first

You are our first priority, That's all!

Uptime availability

We take this matter seriously and our uptime record prove we are not lying

Value of your money

We never say we are the cheapest hosting provider, but give better service and Hardware that helps your business to grow for few bucks extra. and our customers like this way.

Commitment to service

Other hosting company sell you HDD, RAM, Processor, and softwares, but in GGS we sell our Service.

We are home grown

We started our business from a small one room office to a 2000Sft customer support office.

Over a decade of experience

We are in The web hosting business for More than 10 years now and we are still going and we will go.

Our customers

Arkema -
Colgate -
Ikea -
Siemens -
Pizza Hut -
Sun Life Finiancial -
eCosway -
Fujikon -
Henkel -
Merck -

About Go Get Space

Go Get Space is an affordable hosting company focused on one thing... "YOU". Whether you’re a new business just getting started online or an app developer launching the next big thing, we’re always pushing ourselves to deliver the highest levels of server reliability, security, and customer service at an affordable price. It’s always been how we operate and always will be.

We started back in 2008 in a small study room tucked away in downtown Kuala Lumpur. We weren’t designers, we were system administrators, so we pieced together a website with the limited HTML and CSS we knew, and started renting server space from a data center in the United States.

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