10 different ways to get natural backlinks to your website

Every SEO were once a newbie but it is all about their consistency and desire to know more made them experts. When any individual or a new business owner launches a brand new website the excitement is always on, but all the excitements can go trembling down because either they get no visitors or just couple of friends or relatives visiting their websites.

Whenever you are wondering what would be the best practice for link building campaign, I advise you to stay natural. By staying natural it means sticking to SEO norms and rules. When you launch a new website, let’s say you launched it online yesterday. If your website gets 50k links in about 10-20 days, it wouldn’t look normal. Sure it wouldn’t. I mean how can a new website get 50K links in just 10-20 days? It will surely look suspicious to Search Engines. Furthermore, getting 50 K links from same anchor text also looks unnatural. The best way to get around is getting the links slowly. You should also use variation of keywords instead of using just one. And, don’t forget to use long tail keywords. Natural link building is very important and plays a crucial role in internet marketing.

There are two types of links – External Links and Internal Links. They both are very important and they could make a huge difference in search engine ranking of your website. I want to discuss with you about 10 different ways of link building strategies, and here they are:-

Linking from Friends of Family websites

One of the easiest ways to get natural one way link is from friends and families. When you are starting a link building campaign, you could ask your friends and families to link back to your website, of course, if they have a website or blog, they wouldn’t mind linking back to you, would they? Social websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are the place where you could meet up hundreds of online friends and you could also ask them.


One thing that you should learn about Google is that they love new contents and they love blogs. When you add a blog to your domain, it is a great way for you to add new contents and this is very effective to get ranked well by Google. Adding a blog is very easy and involves few mouse clicks. There are plenty of blog platforms out there, but I recommend you to use WordPress. It is very easy to use and is very SEO friendly. WordPress offer so many SEO plugins to help you out on search engine optimization. Many web hosting companies offer one click installation of WordPress blog.

Adding a blog is not enough. You have to post once daily and link back to your home page as well as other pages of your website. When you are linking back, you should always anchor text to gain lots of internal links. Make your blog interesting by adding images, videos, polls etc. Expand the circle of blog roll by linking to other interesting websites.

Linking back and to Local Organizations

Another aspect of link building campaign is building links with local organization. Check out your local chamber of commerce. You could get lots of networking opportunities with other businesses in your town by joining your local chamber of commerce, and thus you will get more and more leads everyday.

Linking back from Local News

Connecting with Local newspapers is also good idea to get links if they are published online. Visit the news website and comment on news and stories on the topic related to your website. Let’s say if you have a website about ‘Chocolate Donut’ then you could comment on Food section of the newspaper.

Creating backlinks from Non Profit Organization

Helping a non-profit organization is not only useful for your company’s image but it also creates exposures. Just locate few good non-profit organizations and they could use your help with web designing for their organization, helping them to organize small event and many things. If you are willing to offer it free, you can then ask for a link back from their website. Believe me, getting links from such website is considered very valuable for ranking.

Submitting your Websites to Online Local Directories and Industry-related Directories

Submitting to directories is a good way to get many one way links but you have to be careful because you don’t want to submit into thousands of directories. Instead of giving link back to your website, it will just hurt your ranking. Make sure the directories are good and spam free. If you could find local directories or industry specific directories, then you can submit your website to them. Getting link back from industry specific online business directories give more link juice than from other unrelated directories

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a hot cake for link building. You can go to top social bookmarking websites and start submitting the page you want to share among the world. However, if you choose wrong social networking site, then it could be bad. Therefore make sure you find good and high ranked general social bookmarking websites. Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t always bookmark your webpage but that wouldn’t be seen natural link. In order to stay natural, you should link back to other pages that interests you or related to your website.

Article Marketing

Content is great way to do marketing in the internet. Submit you article written in good format and properly optimized with keywords to top article directories like Ezine Articles, Article City, and Go Articles. Make sure you put link back to your website when submitting your articles. At the end of article, you can write little about yourself and put link of your website so whenever visitors read your article, if they find something interesting they would click the link and visit your website.

Press Release Submission

Press Release writing is similar Article writing and the process of submitting is rather same. However, Press Release is different than an Article. There are some requirements to write a good formatted Press Release. Many Press Release websites that takes Press Release from companies, individuals, and websites, but they are accepted only if the Press Release are written in standard and given format. On many occasions, Press Release gets rejected due to lack of quality and sticking to the rules.

Hub Page Or Squidoo Lens

Building a Hub Page and Squidoo Lense are my favorite. It is fun to get links from these sites to your website. You can make as many Hub Page or Lense as you want and get valuable links to your website. These websites allow you to get your own personal page where you can write your own articles, put videos, images, links, polls, and many other cool features. But like I said again, stay natural, and don’t get greedy. Stick with this plan and don’t put not more than two links from Hugpage and only few couple of links from Squidoo Lens.

Link building is not easy but it sure is worth it spending that amount of time. Afterall, you are not spending time building links for nothing. You are doing link building for your website and opening door for thousands of visitors to your website. Now, I hope you have gained some ideas on building links and how you can do it by 10 different ways. Good luck and start the link building campaign from today!

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