3 Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are what turns your website moderation experience in to a smoother one. These plugins are all capable of doing different things starting from aiding you get ranked right on the very first page of search engine to preventing spam comments.

All of the plugins is in deed pretty handy and easily separated WordPress from the rest platforms. Here, three of the most useful plugins are discussed.

1. Akismet

This particular plug in will have a look at the comments on your website against the Akismet web service in order to ensure that they don’t fall under spam. You can also review the comments all by yourself in order to whether or not hey be spam. Majority of the time when the Akismet plug in blocks a comment, the probability of it being a spam is more.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

This very plug in turns an awesome sitemap which will aid the different search engines to perform indexing of your website. Whenever you are having a sitemap installed on your site it aids Google spiders to read your website’s format a lot more thoroughly. Google XML sitemaps plug in is also going to allow major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo to get updated every single time you create a new post or edit the existing one’s

3. Ultimate Google Analytics

The Ultimate Google Analytics plug in is going to permit you to install the Google Analytics on your site without needing to make any sort of amendments in any code. All you require doing is to enter your Google Analytics ID and the rest will be done by the plug in. It may take as many as 24 hours before it updates any statistics on the Google Analytics account but once it does you are sure to remain updated.

Always remember the fact that the Plugins can be the key to a successful WordPress website if you know to use them. There are a lot of them out there but you got to find the one’s that suit your needs and aids you in the best possible manner.

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