Alexa Ratings: Is It Still Important?

Alexa rank is a popular ranking system that ranks websites on the basis of website trafficking. It represents   the estimated number of web sites those have the much popularity than the provided site. It is presented in comparatively big numbers. This ranking system is very dynamic. It is updated very often, even daily. Many personnel associated with different websites are constantly trying very 24/7 to increase the Alexa rating. Now the question is, does it worth the effort? Yes it does. Let’s take a look over some reasons those make the Alexa rating a very important attribute.

1. Increases the publicity of your site

Alexa is a part of Till the end of 2003 this review is being immensely related with This means that when anyone visits your site the record is kept in its profile. So it could result in the marketing of your website by as a widely travelled website if its Alexa rating is high.

2. Alexa’s relationship with

This advantage of having a good Alexa rating is relatively new. A few days ago without any promotion, Alexa silently started including Google search on their toolbar. It is apparent that the relation between these two cyber giants is slowly developing. This relationship assures that Google is going to give priority to those websites, which has a high Alexa rating. This means Google is going to provide fee free entry to a website with higher Alexa rating for free on their web search portal.

3. It’s A Competitive World

Whether you feel the importance or not, there are a number of people who really thinks that Alexa rating is the most effective way for determining the trafficking of your site.

Whether you believe it or not the fact still remains that the use of Alexa rating and the Alexa toolbar can give your website a competitive advantage. Your competitors are already on their way on working for achieving the competitive advantage.

There are a huge number of websites who either uses the Alexa toolbar or show their Alexa ranking proudly on the website. And, one thing should be kept in mind is that; numbers are a very strong weapon to manipulate personnel. So, whatever is your personal feeling, grab the opportunity provided by Alexa rating before your competitors do it.

But it is the closest thing to a universal, impartial 3rd party measure of traffic we have. And more importantly, it can give your clients yet another reason to trust you enough to buy from your site. Testimonials in the form of reviews on their site, as well as fast access to your contact information from outside your site can mean the difference between a browser and a buyer.

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