An Introspection in to “Page Rank”

Page rank is one of the most important terms; on its basis we can show the result in a search term. In Google’s evaluation it carries the importance of a site. The important thing is that how many links are attached with the site and page rank size. Sometimes a site is evaluated most popular by its page rank size. After all it is not the only way to evaluate a site.

It is to be noted that if popular key words are searched then small page rank can’t acquire the higher position in the result. Page rank is usually measured from 0 to 10. In three categories site can be classified

If the page rank is from 0 – 2 then the web sites are just been started.

Page rank of 3 – 6   is for those web sites which are established and already proved that they can perform.

Page rank 7 – 10 this web site can be made by web site experts. To compete with the ongoing increase of page rank one may have to  apply some other techniques.

Now let us discuss about few ways to stretch the page rank. To increase the page rank one has to increase the number of pages. But one should not create pages with no value or content.

Getting a good rank is not a simple task. You need extra efforts to achieve that.

Sometimes fake page ranks are found, which are not desirable. Not all the links are counted by Google. Even some links are got penalized. So one has to be careful in what site he is linking to.

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