Basics of Link building on SEO (part 1)

It is at the present time general knowledge, as a minimum among the marketers in the online and the specialist of the SEO or search engine optimization, that the achievement of the SEO campaign is reliant to a large extent on the achievement of the efforts of the link building. The more the number of the links from high qualitative web site, related web sites, the more  the probability of a web site getting the high rankings form the search engine which helps you to publish your site link in the first page of the search engine for the related keywords.

On the other hand, this information is gone upon the owners of the great number of web site, mainly to the enterprises of small or medium sized.  In recent times, we were enormously amazed that the prospects of SEO in Singapore had the popularity of zero links for the several years after the web site had gone exist.

As a result, there is undeniably necessitate instructing clients and forecasting on the basics necessity of the link building and also why getting the popularity of the high quality link is a vital strategic step in the online marketing for the SEO.

When take the task of the project of the link building, there are 3 criterions to be kept in mind:

1.      Quantity of the links: a huge number of links does not mean that it is able to gain a high page rank. Then you should pay your attention to the quality of the web site which is more important than the quantity.

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