Check Fake PR

Before actually buying a site it is essential to check the fake page rank. There are many webmasters out there who buy links form a site that has higher PR and eventually his page gets high page rank. Faking page rank is not something recommended. So make sure you don’t get into the trap of fake PR. Sites fake page rank by looking for Googlebot and then redirecting it to a site that has higher PR like Google sees the site as a part of yahoo and gives it a high page rank.

Now what is Page rank? Page rank is a very special scoring technique of Google search engine. Google provides a score from 0 to 10 for each website and lines up them in the Google search result page in descending order. This helps the searcher to go to the right site for the word he is searching. Now the site that has higher page rank comes at top of the search result page and at the end of the day gets more viewer than others. This is why all the site owners hanker after high page rank to get their established. They spend a lot of money to optimize their site.

One can check the page rank of his site by simply installing the Google toolbar. There are many ways to for one to check whether the site has fake PR or not. Look for the back links the site has. The more the number of back links the more the possibility of fake PR.

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