Choosing Long Tail Keyword can improve your SERPs ranking

So what is Long Tail Keyword? You have heard so many times. What exactly benefit will you get if you use long tail keyword?

A long tail keyword is a phrase which consists of three or more words. For example:  A ‘Pizza’ is a plain and simple keyword. Now when you want some specific term to be used like ‘Italian Cheese Pizza Recipe’, it becomes a long tail keyword which is very good in terms of keyword selection. And it has good way of finding specific information from websites. This is how Google wants you to select keywords.

The fantastic technology of Search Engine Algorithm started by Google made them gigantically popular and became the number one website in the planet. When Google Spiders (little programs that crawls/scans the webpage) arrives at certain website, they start to look for a particular text which is solely related to the website. This text is known as a keyword. Based on the frequency of keywords that are used in the webpage, Google can identify the webpage and start indexing them accordingly. The contents and keywords that are used in the webpage are very important for Google. Search engine algorithm is a complex program that only few can understand it.  But one thing is crystal clear that choosing  long tail keyword can improve your website SERPs ranking much better than short tail keywords.

The main motive of long tail keywords is that visitors can refine their search by typing long tail keyword in the Google search. If you were looking for a rental car in California, then you would be more specific like you will type: ‘cheap rental car service in California’, you will get more refined information, and you are a happy person now.

The difference between a short tail keyword and a long tail keyword is very vast.  Let’s say if you search for the term ‘Insurance’, you will probably get 400 million results. Now if you type ‘health insurance self employed” then the result narrows down to only 2 million results. So you see how vastly can it effect when you choose a short tail keyword?

Choosing a long tail keyword can help you to targeted potential customers because if someone is searching information using your targeted long tail keyword, then he or she will definitely see your webpage, and you have just gotten your potential client.

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