CSS and SEO – Made for Each other

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS plays an important role in website search engine rankings. How? Well, CSS simply ease up the code for the web-spiders to make them easily readable.

It might sound hard to understand but let me simplify for you.
Search engines crawlers scan the webpage and records important thing that they find on that page. If they find an image, they treat them as images only. But contents are a lot more powerful than images. CSS helps you to convert your textual images to selectable images. Again confused? Let’s take an example

Let’s try selecting the text image given below

Ariyes Webmaster blog

These two text images look same but they are not same, they only look similar. Just put a cursor over two objects. Search engines give priority to such textual images which are selectable by mouse. Even though it said that putting alt tag will help the spiders to recognize the image but like I said, text is more powerful and resourceful than an image.

Thus, the search engines when crawls through this webpage and goes through these two images together, the one with selectable capability will be easily indexed by search engines. They are more trustworthy than textual images.

While developing a website, the following points should be noted down.

  • Build the Menu with CSS
  • Instead of using table, use CSS layout
  • Using Flash is nice, and it has been said Flash content is indexed by Google, but in my opinion you should use Google’s swfo object to add text.
  • Never ever use hidden texts
  • Use script and link tags
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